Happy Tails Country Club, Inc.
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Happy Tails Country Club, Inc.
Pet Boarding and Care
Phone 423-344-3901


Why You Need Our Boarding Facility

When you are away on vacation, your pets definitely know you're gone—and they know you're not just "at work.” Consequently, they need more human interaction and more attention than they would under normal circumstances. Leaving pets home alone, even with a knowledgeable person to drop by to feed and check on them, does not provide for the extra reassurance and human interaction they need when you're away. Boredom and anxiety not only lead to destructive or aggressive behavior, but also to physical illness, and undetected ailments or injuries can become serious in short order.

The crew of Happy Tails Country Club invite you to preview the facility and the "at" home atmosphere they provide to your special family member while you are away.